Biodegradable Seamless
Extrusion Solutions

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Seamless Biodegradable Magnesium
Stent Extrusion Solutions

Thinner. Stronger. Reliable.

Biodegradable Magnesium-based implants are currently storming into biomaterial science. New developed Magnesium alloys found their way into biodegradable Magnesium implants.  New research on this field is done daily by several leading groups around the world, And Prizma Engineering has made some impressive breakthroughs with the manufacturing process.

As a leading manufacturer of micro-extrusion presses, and due to our vast experience in handling Magnesium, our company was chosen to build special machinery for the use of biodegradable materials. We had to evolve our capabilities beyond the traditional approach of extrusion to new approach known as “pharma extrusion”.

This approach demanded that we meet very strict pharmaceutical procedures and parameters throughout the manufacturing process. We had to re-examine the building materials and use only such materials and non-polluting lubricants that meet the health standards. These criteria led to the development of a new generation of micro-extrusion presses.

Due to our involvement in several pharmaceutical R&D programs, we developed the know-how that enabled us to produce cutting-edge machinery for this industry. We have collaborated on numerous occasions with customers in the development of prototypes, and building specialised machinery for their manufacturing process. We supported and collaborated up to the level of semi-finished products.

PRIZMA Engineering - 0.1mm Mg Tube Wall Thickness

Unprecedented tube manufacturing

As our engineers became familiar with the potential and limitations of biodegradable magnesium extrusion, they achieved unprecedented capabilities. 

We are now capable of producing seamless tubes with a wall thickness of 0.1mm, as apposed to the conventional 0.2mm offered by our competitors. Our process offers not only this groundbreaking wall thickness, but a consistent quality of the production line.

We believe this new manufacturing process will hold a key position in the future of pharma extrusion, and invite our clients to discover its potential with us. 

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